DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance Interview and Whitepaper

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DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance Interview and Whitepaper

Proactive network maintenance (PNM) and DOCSIS pre-equalization are terms that cable operators will be hearing more and more. CableLabs-developed PNM technology gives operators a front row seat to using DOCSIS pre-equalization as one of the preliminary measures in identifying cable network impairments.

In a previous Ask a Broadband Expert post, we told you what DOCSIS pre-equalization is and how our PNM tool, PreEqualization Analyzer, uses DOCSIS pre-equalization to report cable modem signal issues back to the CMTS to “proactively” begin correcting those issues. Now, we want to take it a step further and let you see PreEqualization Analyzer in action. Watch the video below as ZCorum’s VP of Technology, Scott Helms, drills into an actual customer’s modem and provides you with an overview of PreEqualization Analyzer.

Interested in more on this topic?  Brady Volpe, an active member of the CableLabs InGeNeOs™ group,  has prepared a technical paper on Correlation Groups and vTDR using DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance.  You can download that for free compliments of ZCorum.


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