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About Marsha Hemmerich

Marsha brings thirteen years of experience in the broadband industry as a Marketing Specialist and Technical Writer.

Marketing at Gigabit Speed: Broadband Strategies for Success

By Marsha Hemmerich | January 5th, 2024

Connectivity is king and broadband has become the lifeblood of digital life around the world. As we increasingly rely on high-speed internet for work, entertainment, and communication, the broadband industry has evolved into a huge competitive [...]

GPON or XGS-PON: Options for Fiber Deployments

By Marsha Hemmerich | April 4th, 2023 |Categories: GPoN, fiber, XGS-PON, fiber troubleshooting, fiber broadband, fiber deployment

Offering ultra-high-speed broadband via fiber has become a key differentiator for serviceproviders in this era of rising bandwidth demands.

Navigating Your Holiday Subscriber Support

By Marsha Hemmerich | December 12th, 2022 |Categories: customer service, technical support, broadband support, holiday tech support, holiday customer service

The holidays are not like any other time of year when it comes to customer service strategy. The season is more stressful for you and for your subscribers. Subscribers will call your office at all times day and night - think Christmas Eve or New [...]

What Weather Can Do To Your Fiber Optic Cables - Part 2: Ice

By Marsha Hemmerich | December 1st, 2022 |Categories: fiber optics, fiber troubleshooting, fiber broadband, weather-related Internet issues, internet issues

With winter weather coming, you face another serious challenge: freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and ice. The change in seasons means a shift in reasons why connectivity disruptions occur. Fiber optic cables are built to withstand most cold [...]

What Weather Can Do To Your Fiber Optic Cables - Part 1: Wind & Water

By Marsha Hemmerich | October 25th, 2022 |Categories: fiber optics, fiber troubleshooting, fiber broadband, weather-related Internet issues, internet issues

A lot has happened in recent years that’s changed people’s reliance on communication. Before the pandemic there was pressure to get the power back on after a storm, today it’s more about ‘Why isn’t my phone working? Why isn’t my internet working?’ [...]

Impact of Streaming Video on Rural Broadband Providers

By Marsha Hemmerich | May 21st, 2021 |Categories: Industry Perspectives, OTT, Rural Broadband, IP traffic, network traffic, Rural Broadband Network Advancement Act

COVID-19 has dramatically stressed the importance of broadband connections in America’s homes. Once the pandemic struck, the requirement for home broadband exploded and turned into a requirement for work, school, entertainment, and other aspects of [...]

Fiber Optics - Troubleshooting Those Dirty Little Fibers

By Marsha Hemmerich | May 13th, 2021 |Categories: fiber, fiber optics, fiber troubleshooting

With its greater bandwidth capacity and ability to transmit signals over long distances with very little power loss, fiber has become the hands-down favorite for the future of

Broadband. Fiber’s resistance to magnetic interference makes [...]

CBRS - Opportunity Abounds with Shared Spectrum

By Marsha Hemmerich | April 14th, 2020 |Categories: 5G, CBRS, LTE, Citizens Broadband Radio, mid-band spectrum, dynamic spectrum sharing, Private Access License (PAL)

CBRS marks a turning point in shared spectrum, allowing general access users to deploy private LTE based solutions of their own, and opening up valuable mid-band spectrum for 5G use.

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) is a 150 MHz wide [...]

New PON Technologies for Fiber Network Transformation

By Marsha Hemmerich | January 14th, 2020 |Categories: GPoN, FTTH, TWDM-PON, fiber optics, NG-PON2, FTTx, XGS-PON

Nowadays, over the top TV and video on demand streaming are the main drivers for additional bandwidth to your subscribers. And you can add to this the content and applications such as video surveillance, remote health care, video file transfers, [...]

Distributed Access Architecture Could Be Your Bandwidth Lifeline

By Marsha Hemmerich | September 25th, 2019 |Categories: DAA, Remote PHY, Remote MAC/PHY, MAC/PHY, Distributed Access Architecture

New technology is offering a lifeline for bandwidth pressed providers. A shift in the access architecture that will move some or all of the CMTS processing layers out to the plant and closer to the subscriber will increase capacity and expand the [...]

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