The Power of Welcoming New Customers

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The Power of Welcoming New Customers

There are certain sales and marketing principles that are universally accepted as effective and worthwhile. For example, it is important to reinforce a custowelcoming-new-subscribers-200x300-1mer’s purchasing decision to avoid “buyer’s remorse”. Similarly, to reduce the chance of frustration and dissatisfaction after a sale, it is important that a customer understand all of the features of a product or service and how to get help when they need it. Finally, suggestive selling works.

The phrase “Would you like fries with that?” is just one example of how reminding a customer that there is an additional product they might be interested in can increase sales.

Welcome emails are a simple and powerful tool you can use to reinforce these ideas. For ZCorum Affiliates, a welcome email can be sent to every provisioned email address in the account when you add a new customer. You can touch your new customer immediately, which gives you an opportunity to reinforce their decision to choose your service, as well as provide important information about their account. You can also take the opportunity to up-sell or cross-sell additional services. If your system supports an automated function for emails, once enabled, an email can go out automatically to each new provisioned customer.

Some automated systems support customization and allows each customer to receive a unique welcome email, with specific information that you provide. For example, for emails to your economy Internet package subscribers, you might mention that higher-tier products are available and point out the benefits of upgrading. Or for those customers who order a bundle of several services you could include support information on the additional services that are relevant only to them.

There are a number of items that you can tell your new customers about in the first email they receive.  Here are just a few:

  • Account Features (connection speed, number of email boxes they have, etc.)
  • If available the location of a Customer Control Panel where customers manage their account
  • Technical Support information (phone numbers, email addresses, and links to any support websites or chat sessions)
  • Information about your Customer Referral Program
  • Information about additional products, service bundles, or features
  • Any other details you feel will be important to your customers

Have any additional tips that you use when welcoming new customers? Share them with us in the comments below.

About the Author: Rick Yuzzi

Rick Yuzzi
Rick is ZCorum's Vice President of Marketing. He has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and management. Hired in 1995 to establish the sales department for a fledgling Internet Service Provider that later became ZCorum, he is now a key member of the executive team, overseeing the company’s marketing efforts.

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