Advantages of DOCSIS Provisioning of EPoN and GPoN

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Advantages of DOCSIS Provisioning of EPoN and GPoN

As costs for fiber equipment and installation have come down, many Cable Operators are considering deploying fiber to offer the increased speeds their subscribers are looking for rather than DOCSIS 3.1. One of the challenges for a cable operator who switches from DOCSIS to fiber is the time and cost involved in changing how they provision the device in the customer home. In the following video I talk with Peter Olivia, ZCorum's Vice President of Systems, about the advantages of using DOCSIS provisioning of EPoN and GPoN (DPoE and DPoG). Peter explains how a transition to fiber can be done faster and less expensively by leveraging the DOCSIS provisioning system the cable operator already has in place.

If you would like help with provisioning broadband devices for your subscribers, including DPoG and DPoE, let us know.  

About the Author: Rick Yuzzi

Rick Yuzzi
Rick is ZCorum's Vice President of Marketing. He has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and management. Hired in 1995 to establish the sales department for a fledgling Internet Service Provider that later became ZCorum, he is now a key member of the executive team, overseeing the company’s marketing efforts.

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