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Have you ever gotten a phone call from what looks like a familiar number only to answer and find out that it's a call about your car warranty or some other potential scam? If you have, then you've probably been a victim of Caller ID spoofing where robocalls illegally spoof a local number to make it more likely you will pick up the phone, and to hide the actual number they are calling from. 

With rampant fraud occurring, the FCC has been working with telecom companies to create and implement a set of standards and practices known as STIR/SHAKEN to aid in combating this type of fraud. The goal is to give consumers more confidence that the number they see on their Caller ID is the actual number of the caller, and to make it easier to track down the source of every call.

To learn more about this effort, we recently sat down with Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO of Numeracle, as she discussed STIR/SHAKEN and how these standards are being implemented. 

Note: If you're considering offering VoIP service to your subscribers, and want to be sure that your service is compliant with STIR/SHAKEN requirements, visit VoiSelect.com to learn more about our cloud-based voice solution. 

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