Up Next for Virtualization: Virtual CPE

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Up Next for Virtualization: Virtual CPE

What is Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and how can MSOs can benefit from this technology. Branching off NFV, we’re seeing the emergence of Virtual Customer Premises Equipment (vCPE), which allows operators to streamline and simplify functions and services of CPE.  Although there is limited physical hardware, operators are able to easily manage and centrally control many of the functions of CPE, such as DHCP and routing, within the actual network as opposed to locally.

vCPE is seeing its share of trials in both the enterprise and residential sectors with service providers being able to see immediate benefits from this deployment model especially in terms of cutting costs for field troubleshooting and replacing CPE. Modem replacement numbers decrease because it no longer becomes necessary to send a service truck to replace a device because of the virtual control that is available.

Learn more about virtual CPE and other cost-cutting measures for operators in this video interview with Rick Yuzzi and Scott Helms.

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